VideoCap® 3.0

The ideal tool for clinical and research applications

The VideoCap® sotware has been a market leading product for 10 years and is considered the utimate tool for the study and follow-up of diseases characterized by alterations of the skin microcirculation.

The VideoCap® sotware, designed for Windows® 32 bit version, is specifically conceived to supply specialized physicians with a powerful instrument for the diagnostic and follow-up practice.

The video signal aquisition system was developed with great accuracy, allowing the operator to capture high resolution images without altering the original size and color. VideoCap® is extremely elaborated in terms of software architecture, but definitely easy to use. The software is thought to find web-based applications, allowing the data share between remote medical facilities and inter-speciality consults among general pratictioners, rheumatologists, dermatologists, radiologists etc. The software allows the images acquisition from different video–imaging devices such as: digital cameras, histological microscopes, stereo-microscopy, echo-tomography, echography, videotomography.

The most relevant innovation among software's features is the algorithm-based image storage system.

The operator can directly export files, with the possibility to reduce the image size up to 100 kb without altering the original quality. The software contains specific presetted telemedicine applications to perform consults and other types of remote diagnosis.

The software is suited for research and multicentre use allowing a rapid information retrieval from stored images during follow-up check-ups.

A significant novelty in the software is the ability to manage, during a single check up, multiple sources of data obtained with different devices (video thermography, laser doppler, echography, PO2 measurers).

The software is able to manage all peripheral devices, compatibile with the system requirements, such as external Pal, Polaroid Palette, Videorecorder, Umatic and Betacam and digital Video Cameras.