VideoCap Basic®


VideoCap Basic® is the “entry level” instrument for physicians who deal with local and systemic disorders involving alterations of the microcirculatory system. VideoCap Basic® is extremely versatile and ready-to-use for ambulatory practice and during home visits

VideoCap Basic 100®

VideoCap Basic 100® comprises:

  • VideoCap Basic® Video Biomicroscope
  • High resolution Monitor with composite input
  • 200X polarized led lighting optical system
  • Delivery and Start up

VideoCap Basic 200®

VideoCap Basic 200® comprises:

  • New generation Pc/notebook
  • VideoCap® 3.0 dermo Vers. 200 reumato Software
(high resolution and still image acquisition)
  • BASIC Video Biomicroscope
  • 200x polarized led lighting optical system
  • Printer
  • Installation and Start up

VideoCap Basic Satellite®

VideoCap Basic Satellite® comprises:

  • Q1Personal Computer
  • VideoCap® 200 Reumato Software
  • VideoCap Basic® Video Biomicroscope
  • 100x and 200x Anular Led Lighting Optical System
  • Lcd 17” External Monitor
  • Installation and Start up