VideoCap® 3.0

Product overview

Applications in clinical research and differential diagnosis

The VideoCap® video-capillaroscope is accredited among physicians and researchers as the ultimate instrument for the assessment of the microcirculatory status.

Ds Medica, in order to guarantee the highest technology for medical applications, introduces the new VideoCap® 3.0 videomicroscope, an upgraded version characterized by a higher resolution quality of images, extreme portability and functionality.

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Digital Videocapillaroscopic diagnosis requires fundamental standardized characteristics and technological features as:

  • video-optical quality
  • digital fidelity for image storage and reproduction
  • specific setting of the video-optical system for the assestment of the microcirculation
  • ergonomicity

VideoCap® product line satisfies every physician's need by offering:

  • portability
  • extreme easiness of use
  • almost infinite memory for single frame and cine-loop storage of capillaroscopic images
  • manual and automatic pattern analysis
  • advanced image analisys and measuring features
  • ability to perform follow-up check-ups
  • ability to produce medical reports under national and international standardized guidelines

VideoCap® is a real “laboratory” for the in vivo assessment of the skin microcirculation with potential applications in  different medical specialties.