VideoCap® 3.0 Software

The ideal tool for clinical and research applications

The advent of video-imaging technique in dermoscopy significantly improved the ability to diagnose several disorders through the observation of standardized morphological and color features of skin lesions. VideoCap® sotware, designed for Windows® 32 bit version is integrated to the graphics card for digital images. The video input system was developed with great accuracy allowing the Videocap software to use the quality and size of the original video signal.

VideoCap® is extremely elaborated in terms of software architecture, but definitely easy to use.

The software is suited for research and multicentre use allowing a rapid information retrieval from image data archives during follow-up check-ups. The new algorithm-based image storage feature reduces the image size up to 100 kb without altering the original quality of images. A significant novelty introduced in the software is the ability to manage, during a single check up, multiple sources of data obrained with different devices (Laser Doppler, Ecocolor doppler, Ecography, PO2 measurer). The software is able to manage all peripheral devices, compatibile with the system requirements, such as external Pal, Polaroid Palette, Videorecorder, Umatic and Betacam and digital Video cameras.