VideoCap® 3.0

Product overview

Differential diagnosis in clinical and research practice

Videocap® 3.0 is a diversified product line of epiluminescence video-bio-microscopes  for multi-modality microscopy (immersion microscopy, polarized light microscopy and contact mode).

Videocap® 3.0 is the ultimate instrument suited for diagnostic and research applications in the field of dermatology.

Ds Medica, a leading company in the field of medical video imaging instruments, recently launched the VideoCap® video-biomicroscope product line. The high quality of these products has been reached through a constant technological contribution provided by international researchers and physicians.

VideoCap® video-biomicroscopes are thus considered among physicians and researchers who work in partnership with Ds Medica as the most advanced tools for diagnostic applications.

Watch VideoCap® 3.0 C1 and D1 movies


Digital Dermoscopy requires fundamental standardized features as:

  • video-optical quality
  • digital fidelity for image storage and reproduction
  • specific setting of the video-optical system for the assestment of dermoscopic patterns
  • ergonomics.

VideoCap® product line satisfies every physician's need by offering:


  • high resolution images
  • portability
  • easiness of use
  • almost infinite memory for the storage of clinical, dermoscopic, histological and capillaroscopic images
  • manual and automatic pattern analysis
  • advanced image analisys and measuring features
  • ability to perform follow-up check-ups
  • ability to produce medical reports under national and international standardized guidelines

VideoCap® is a real “laboratory” for the in vivo assessment of skin disorders with potential applications  in  different medical specialties.